About Me

Lifelong Learner Sofware Developer & Former Physicist...

Gökalp Öztürk


Bachelor's Degree on Physics at Yildiz Technical University. Looking forward to continue my career on Web Development. Ability to teamwork, open-mind, easy to getting into. Working Platform on Linux. Huge basketball fan. Like reading books, also interested in Technology, Science, History...

Open Source // 2018-Present

Full-Stack Developer

Working on some open source basic project to improve myself and create a portfolio. Having Django, Bootstrap, NodeJS, ReactJS and VueJS repositories.

Broadage Sports // 2010-Present

Operation Specialist - Team Leader

Mainly helping operations to improve our content and writing on sports. Managing the team which responsible for Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Tennis and American Sports. Helping software team to develop our .NET desktop application.

Yildizsavaslari.com // 2001-2005

Web Master - Admin

Have worked in this group as a fan and took charge in web site desing, managed forums and fan organisations. Used PHP and MySQL.